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Discover hidden treasures and vintage finds that embody the spirit of Texas.

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Embark on a journey through Texas' hidden gems with Off Road Antiques. Nestled away from the bustling city streets, our unique collection of treasures lies waiting down meandering dirt roads and in the most unexpected places. We specialize in rare, vintage finds that embody the spirit of Texas - from rustic home decor to one-of-a-kind historical artifacts. Every item tells a story, steeped in the rich heritage of the Lone Star State. Discover the undiscovered with Off Road Antiques, where every visit is an adventure and every find is a piece of history.

gold and silver steel wall decor
gold and silver steel wall decor

Nestled within the quaint corners of the Vintage Rose at 451 S Hwy 3 in League City, Texas, Off Road Antiques is a haven for those seeking treasures with stories to tell. This unique shop, a cozy alcove within a larger world of vintage wonders, is where time-honored charm meets the allure of hidden gems. Picture a piece that might have once adorned a hotel wall in the flamboyant '80s, now resting here, its chippy paint whispering tales of a century gone by. Each item in our collection, be it an art piece with a gilded frame that's seen better days or a relic that speaks of eras past, is lovingly restored with a touch of clay paint and wet distressing, ensuring that just the right amount of luster peeks through. This delicate balance of old and new brings a unique elegance to our offerings. Here, at Off Road Antiques, sustainability meets style; in our pursuit of giving new life to the forgotten, we invite you to find that perfect piece. Whether it's to add a dash of character to your home, a secret garden, or a private oasis, our doors are open. Come explore our curated collection and let the spirit of sustainable art guide you to a treasure that speaks to your soul. May your visit be the start of a beautiful summer journey, lasting all season long.

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Offroad Antiques helped me find the perfect piece to complete my home decor. Highly recommended!
white ceramic statue on brown wooden table
white ceramic statue on brown wooden table

Drop off packages to be wrapped and pick them up the next day. Drop off is Vintage Rose of League City. I’ll be wrapping December 13-20. Prices vary on sizes and type of wrapping. A Santa Wrap, Elegant Wrap and a Sneaky Wrap (throw your fellow gift exchange guest off by wrapping a great gift card in an unexpected something…like an old hardware box).

Custom Gift Wrapping